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RZR XP Turbo Dual APX

RZR XP Turbo Dual APX

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RJWC Powersport APX/AL (where AL stands for Aluminium). Is an all-aluminum modular construction where we use CNC machined brackets on all critical points where we know welds may be a weak point. The whole system is CAD drawn with extruded aluminum cans. The shape of the cans is our own, and not any over-the-counter part that you can buy per inch. All aluminum parts are anodized, new logo, new everything.



We've sent out to make the very best and most exclusive SxS exhaust we could come up with. And, since it’s in some way modular, we have more up our sleeves.



Well, yes, it will. We’ve spared no expenses in designing it, all parts are purpose-built and custom made for this exhaust with one thing in mind, to make the very best exhaust for side by side on the market.


  • 6061 Extruded and anodized aluminum
  • 6061 Anodised brackets and flanges
  • Yellow zink plated and Stainless screws and nuts with lock washers
  • New inner cores (compatible with current core wrap)
  • Fully serviceable by user/owner/rider/workshop
  • Casted stainless intake flanges (this part in itself is a jewel)


  • EPDM bushings to dampen vibrations
  • 6061 machined details in attachment points
  • Laser-cut and powder-coated backplate for Polaris RZR XP Turbo and Pro XP
  • Lightweight, about half the weight of the previous Krossflow/Mud Edition versions


  • Everything, nuts, bolts, washers, gaskets, etc
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